You can reach us via phone at (601) 832-0555 or by filling out our website’s contact page.

At Pittsburgh Roofing Master, we combine our extensive roofing experience with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. Our professionals listen to each customer’s needs and adjust our services.

Yes, we use environmentally-friendly materials where possible and dispose of waste responsibly.

Absolutely. Our skilled crew can deal with any roofing design or difficulty. We enjoy the challenge of unique designs and ensuring they are executed perfectly.

We only use first-rate tools and supplies while making any sort of fix or installation. Moreover, our team provides advice on regular maintenance, which can significantly increase the longevity of your roof.

We provide straightforward communication. If unexpected issues arise, we discuss the problem, potential solutions, and any associated costs with the client before proceeding.

Yes, energy efficiency is an important aspect of modern roofing. We can provide guidance on materials, insulation, and design aspects that can enhance your roof’s energy efficiency.